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Join a noble project encouraging sadaqah jariya in our children

The National Children's Ramadan Competition

Let's allow the next generation to take the lead in fundraising.

Nurturing the will to compete for the sake of the next life

"So for this let the competitors compete"

Inspired by the beautiful depiction of Paradise in the Quran, thereafter with a challenge, “So for this let the competitors compete.” (Quran 83:26).

We compete for so many things in life, sometimes unknowingly, whether they be grades, phones, clothes, style, number of friends, money, imagine competing for the next life! Imagine trying to reach the furthest heights of heaven where the Prophets peace be upon them and those close to Allaah will be? We've got to compete in a clever way that will bring us rewards even when we are sleeping. For so long as the new Masjid is up and running, you will be a receiver of the reward for whatever good it is used for in shaa Allaah. Nothing compares to this reward, and the BRAND NEW IPAD is simply a token of our appreciation.

A call to all parents

A call to all parents

Please read this letter to understand how best you can involve our children to try their best to raise for the first masjid. We are determined to engage the younger generation in this project, because it is going to serve them best. They need to feel excited about building places of worship.

Print the Booklet

Print the Booklet

This is an important booklet you will need to read with your child, under 16, to help support and nurture their development in fundraising for the first Masjid. This may be their very first time, but the skills will stay with them for life, not to mention the reward for every person who prays in the Masjid. Their reward is our reward.

The Submission

The Submission

Please submit your entries on our Google Form after your child has completed their fundraising effort. DEADLINE: 15/05/2022 to get all entries through. 

As a token of thanks, two brand new IPADs are up for grabs!!!

1) For the most funds raised

2) For the most creative idea

Let's help

Nurture our children's desire to fundraise!

The best thing we can give to our children is the tools to do good-deeds that will benefit them in their afterlife, and us in our graves as Sadaqah Jaariya. 

The Prophet peace be upon him said: "The best that a man can leave behind after his death are three things:

1) a righteous child who makes du'a for him,

2) an ongoing sadaqah whose rewards continue to reach him,

3) and a knowledge that continues to be implemented after him."

By being involved you will be:

Nurturing a righteous child

A child excited and focused on raising funds for the masjid is heading in a beautiful direction.

Engaging in Sadaqah Jaariya

By helping them fundraise for the first Masjid you are no doubt facilitating sadaqah jaariya for yourself and them.

Leaving Beneficial Knowledge

You are not only aiding them with your knowledge and experience, you are helping nurture a skill and the confidence within them that will help them throughout life.

Complete fundraising by

Please join us, read the parent's letter, print the booklet out above, and begin helping your child fundraise. Don't delay because submission deadline is 15th May! Ramadan is the best time to fundraise.

Join hands with us

Join our community of fundraisers for advice and guidance. Here you may ask questions and seek advice on the journey to help your child fundraise.



If you are unable to participate in the competition

please do show your support for the first masjid by donating.


The National Children's Ramadan Competition