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A plea

Dear All, 
Muslims have lived and served the South Lakes Region for decades without a dedicated masjid nor community centre. The population here is primarily composed of doctors and allied health professionals, engineers, local businesses and restaurants all of whom have been so kindly serving our community. The zeal to establish our own place has built up throughout the years as the population has increased, and as those who thought they would merely be passing through the region, settled due to its tranquility and easy commutes.
Until now, we have been graced with varying small prayer spaces kindly provided by the local hospital however this has been primarily used out of hours except for Jumu’a. Initially, it was too small for our needs, thus negotiations with the hospital trust secured a bigger lounge area in Hospital Residence. This has been successfully utilised for 10 years or so Alhamdulillaah. After further discussions, the Hospital itself has been blessed with a bespoke prayer hall next to the Chapel for medical professionals. However, there is now no facility for the breadth of our Muslim community! They took away the lounge space because they needed this for other purposes. So the whole community was left without a facility.
With the wisdom of our elders, we have established South Lakes Islamic Centre (SLIC) to now move onto the next critical phase. This means establishing an independent masjid and community centre from where the community can thrive. A centre that no one can take away from us. A place where advice can be sought, a central contact point for muslims and catering for our most basic needs including for bereavement and funeral purposes, ghusl and janaza. The closest established community offering this is Lancaster (one hour drive away)!
This website aims to shed some light on the humble efforts of the growing muslim community under the banner of SLIC. The vision, values and progress made on this project have been highlighted along with our financial requirements. This will serve as an important base covering the project initiation for SLIC and while we seek your kind support, in the form of well wishes, prayers and donations.

Thank you
Aban Hussain
Chairman on behalf of SLIC